I am thankful for letting me be a part of this project

I’m just done with my internship and I feel really sad about it. Being a part of this organization and meeting amazing people encouraging the sport development in South America was an amazing experience.

Sony, the organization’s director, is really nice and warm-hearted person from whom I learnt lots!

I am thankful with all the people of CCP for letting me be a part of this project and I am looking forward to see the progress of the kids and the organisation!

Andrea Martínez (Uruguay) -  German Sport University Cologne  -  Internship: Early Sport Program Designer

I loved the other crazies!

I loved working at CCP. The first month of my stay I was working solemnly with Sony and besides working he really helped me to advance my Spanish skills. One of the things I appreciated most about this internship is that you can really state your opinion without having to fear any consequences. Even if you strongly disagree with a method you can express it and Sony will listen or discuss the topic until you decide on a solution.

Working with the kids was also great. I admire how CCP is teaching them some simple principles like arriving on time through the sports program. Also Sony really has a great sense of choosing the interns. We got along awesomely. I loved the other crazies. All in all I’m really happy that I was and am a part of Creating Champions Peru.

Zoë Haack (Germany)  -  University of Chemnitz  -  Internship: Photography and Social Media

Especially teaching the kids advanced my knowledge

I had a great time in Cuzco during my internship! CCP has offered me great opportunities to connect being abroad and improving my Spanish skills and work in my field of sports. Especially teaching the kids advanced my knowledge in the practical part of my future work.

During my time in the organization we were a lot of interns, so besides the internship we had great possibilities to explore Cuzco and it´s surrounding, especially on the weekends.

Finally i want to conclude that I have met many new friends and together with the internship I had an unforgettable time in Peru.

Thank you for everything!

Lukas Oettle (Germany)  -  University of Chemnitz  -  Internship: Soccer Coach

Especially training with the kids was very instructive.

Wow, time is running so fast! I’ve spent three months in Cusco and it was a wonderful time. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and the experiences the internship gave me. It wasn’t just about work experience, but also life experience. I improved my Spanish, I got to know a new country and its culture, I made new friends and so much more.

Especially training with the kids was very instructive. Apply German training approaches and experiences to Peruvian kids was quite challenging, but also a lot of fun. To see how fast they were realizing and improving made me happy and satisfied. I can highly recommend to everyone doing an internship at Creating Champions Peru to improve your skills and have an unforgettable life experience.

What else I can say? Just thanks to everyone I’ve met there. It was such a great time, guys!

Pascal Zeller (Germany)  -  University of Mainz  -  Internship: Soccer Coach

I had an amazing time in Cuzco! I learned so much!

I had an amazing time in Cuzco! I learned so much! Not only teaching sport skills and football specific stuff but also about the Peruvian culture and a complete new language.

I got to know new friends and the traveling on weekends was just breathtaking. Besides the nature in Cuzco is something you do not want to miss it.

CCP was taking its first steps and I had so much fun to help Sony in building it up. He is a great guy!

Paul Süß (Germany)  -  German Sport University Cologne  -  Internship: Soccer Coach